After self-teaching guitar early in life, Hannah Norris began writing and recording albums at the age of 14. Initially leaning towards a folk sound, she gained a following in her Western Kansas hometown by playing a diverse range of bars and festivals. Once she discovered Led Zeppelin and purchased a Les Paul in 2015, it was a quick transition to a classic rock sound in her songwriting.

Heartbreaker (2016) is her latest album, featuring strong influence from Stevie Nicks, Jimmy Page, and Jack White. After relocating from Hays to Lawrence, KS in 2017, Hannah recruited longtime local rock pros, Matt Mozier on bass and Kenny Pingleton, drums, to round out her rock ‘n’ roll vision. The trio produces a diverse array of original retro-inspired rock music, with an upcoming single to be released in August 2018. Their music can be found locally at Love Garden Records, on all major streaming sites, and at  



Lawrence, KS, USA


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